Apr 092016

Hi guys!

Welcome back to all of the long time readers of the site. It has been down for a while, but now I am in the process of getting it all back up and running. A lot of the old material has been lost, but I am now in the process of restoring what I can. I hope to have all of this back up and going soon.

A lot has happened since the site was last running. We’ve had nearly four more years of President Obama and all of the problems his administration has caused. We now have a circus going on called “The Primaries.” We also have a better understanding of how bad the economy really is.

For new people who have wandered in, you may not know how bad things are looking, but there are many economic indicators that are pointing to a downturn on par – or even exceeding – the Great Depression. Sounds bad, I know.

Economists like Harry Dent have been tracking non-traditional indicators and have suggested that we will see a once in a generation downturn of the economy that has been made worse by the policy of quantitative easing. In a recent interview, I saw him lay out the problems coming with the first countries to fall being Greece and Italy. Greece should be no surprise, but Italy is a country that is simply too large to bail out.

The United States will likely be one of the last to hit hard times, but it will likely be very soon after the other countries hit bottom. Our debt is not sustainable, and let’s be honest, there are a lot of countries that do not like us. Some of the hate for America is deserved, much is not, but it doesn’t really matter does it?

So, what can we do? Prepare ourselves for the future – ensure we have the things we need to get through hard times and select leaders that understand what time it is.

Welcome back to the site!

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  1. Glad to see the site is back. I was missing the pithy look at modern politics. Look forward to hearing your take on the presidential election season.

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