Sep 032012

US Debt Clock 2000

On the eve of our federal government running up a debt of $16 trillion, or just over $50,000 per American ($140,000 per actual taxpayer), let’s take a look at the U.S. national debt over time, starting in 2000.  Pay close attention to which party was in power in the Senate and House and the debt increases under that party’s leadership in Congress.

Clinton to Bush debt (Republican run Senate and House) is shown at the top of this article. Now contrast that with the following debt snapshots.

Bush to himself debt (Republican run Senate and House):

US Debt Clock 2004

Bush to Obama (Democrat run Senate and House):

US Debt Clock 2008

As of Sept 3, 2012 (shortly before it crosses over to the magical $16 trillion mark, or $16 million times one million):

US Debt Clock 2012

Projected 2016, if we keep going in the same direction:

US Debt Clock 2016

Keep this bit of info in mind when it comes time to voting the community organizer out of office in November.


Since this post was written, more than three years have passed. While the projections are off by a few trillion dollars, the situation has clearly worsened in our absence. As of April 9, 2016, this is what the debt clock currently shows:

Debt Clock 2016

It looks like the debt is at $19.2 trillion with a total of $101.7 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Add to the mix that roughly half of the US population is receiving “benefits” from the federal government and you can see we have a very ugly situation looming.

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