Jul 072016

Firearms are a tool. Like any tool, guns can be used for good or for ill. I’ve seen guns used in positive ways thousands, if not tens of thousands, of times in my life. On the other hand, I’ve seen them used for ill less than 10 times.

The media certainly plays up the negative uses of firearms, but rarely shows any kind of positive use. Its obvious the main stream media has an agenda, and that is to create a sense of fear around guns and people who own them.

As someone who has defended my life with a firearm on two separate occasions, I can confidently state that I would not give my guns up.

Recently, someone made a small bit a media coverage when she announced she would be getting a concealed weapons permit. That person? Actress Kelly McGillis of Top Gun and Witness fame.

McGillis was returning to her North Carolina home recently when she was attacked by a woman who had broken in. McGillis tried retreating and calling 911, but was unable to summon help or get away. Fortunately, a man driving by stopped, helped and called 911.

Subsequent to that event, McGillis stated she would obtain a concealed weapons permit so she could better defend herself.

Of course, McGillis is not a stranger to violence. In the early 80’s, two black men broke into her home in New York. Again, she was not able to get away or call the police. In that incident, she was brutally raped by both men. Fortunately, someone heard her screams and called police. Officers arrived, preventing her from being killed, but only after being repeatedly beaten, raped and sodomized for some 20+ minutes.

It is truly upsetting that one woman would suffer repeated assaults in her lifetime. But, both incidents should illustrate two lies that the gun grabbers repeatedly tell you: that you should just run away or just call the police. In both incidents, McGillis tried to do these things. In both incidents they failed.

A firearm is not a magic talisman – it is a tool. Having one means you may be able to save your own life.

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