Dec 192010

There is a good reason I am an independent conservative and not a Republican.  Most Republican politicians are spineless wastes who obviously live by the motto ‘Politics as Usual’.

The horse-and-pony show Washington put on over the last couple of weeks was nothing short of an absolute joke.  Republicans were insistent the Bush tax cuts needed to be extended with no modifications, something they got.  But what did they give up in exchange?  More than Obama and the left, that’s for sure.

Charles Krauthammer lays it out here – Human Events:  The New Comeback Kid

If Barack Obama wins re-election in 2012, as is now more likely than not, historians will mark his comeback as beginning on Dec. 6, the day of the Great Tax Cut Deal of 2010.

Obama had a bad November. Self-confessedly shellacked in the midterm election, he fled the scene to Asia and various unsuccessful meetings, only to return to a sad-sack lame-duck Congress with ghostly dozens of defeated Democrats wandering the halls.

Now, with his stunning tax deal, Obama is back. Holding no high cards, he nonetheless managed to resurface suddenly not just as a player but as orchestrator, dealmaker and central actor in a high $1 trillion drama.

Think about it.  In a few short months, Obama went from being the bad guy whose failed stimulus packages and health care law will result in tax increases to the guy that reached across the isle (and pissed off his own party) to do what is best for our nation.  Throw on to of this the Repubs being silent when it comes to the deal’s wasteful spending and their absolutely moronic support of the massive ethanol subsidy and suddenly this ‘deal’ turns into nothing more than a trade off where conservatives only got what we were going to get no matter what (extended tax cuts) and the spend happy politicians got what they want.

After the shambles of the election and with no bargaining power — the Republicans could have gotten everything they wanted on the Bush tax cuts retroactively in January without fear of an Obama veto — he walks away with what even Paul Ryan admits was $313 billion in superfluous spending.

Including a $6 billion subsidy for ethanol. Why, just a few weeks ago Al Gore, the Earth King, finally confessed that ethanol subsidies were a mistake. There is not a single economic or environmental rationale left for this boondoggle that has induced American farmers to dedicate an amazing 40 percent of the U.S. corn crop — for burning! And the Republicans have just revived it.

Even as they were near unanimously voting for this monstrosity, Republicans began righteously protesting $8.3 billion of earmarks in Harry Reid’s omnibus spending bill. They seem not to understand how ridiculous this looks after having agreed to a Stimulus II that even by their own generous reckoning has 38 times as much spending as all these earmarks combined.

Anyone who says the Republicans had to give something in return for Obama agreeing to extend the Bush tax cuts is full of you-know-what.  Obama and the left were not going to let the tax cuts expire as it would have been political suicide.

And if you really think the Dems were going to stand firm on their insistence of increasing taxes on the ultra rich, think again.  They know the ultra rich finance this country and taking their money in the form of taxes would result in taking money out of an already struggling economy.

To put it bluntly, the right could have gotten the tax cuts without giving up so much, but they chose not to.  Instead, they used the tax cut deal as cover for continuing their usual wasteful spending.

As a conservative, I am glad to see the tax cuts were extended.  But what the Repubs in Washington willingly gave up to get these tax cuts extended goes to show the majority of Republicans in Washington are not conservatives, but a bunch of posers.  And it is these posers who will go down as the architects behind the Republican Failure of 2010.

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