Jul 302012

obama halo

Been thinking about the things Obama has said lately and I have a question for ya’ all.  Is this guy simply saying what he really believes or if he is just out of touch with reality?

Heck I don’t know, maybe it’s both.  What I do know is it’s something to really think about.  And to help us along with this, we can use this piece in the Washington Times by Reince Priebus.

Every few weeks, President Obama is caught off-script speaking his mind.

This month, he insulted entrepreneurs, saying, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Last month, he astonished the unemployed, insisting, “The private sector is doing fine.”

Reince points out that Team Obama claims we have taken these statements out of context, but I don’t see how anyone could take either of these statements out of context unless they totally change the statements themselves.  When someone says something is “doing just fine,” they are not saying “it’s not doing very well” or “it’s struggling” or anything of the such.  Fine is fine and that is that.  And as far as the four simple words that may end up defining Obama’s term in office, “you didn’t build that,” there is no way that statement can be taken out of context.  If you tell someone they did not do something (in this case build a business) and you follow that up by saying “somebody else made that happen” then you have told them they did not do something and someone else is the real reason something was done.

Statements he really believes or just out of touch with reality?  Hmmmmmm. . . . . . . . . .

Reince then points out this bit of info that I doubt most people know.

Mr. Obama has not held a single meeting of his jobs council in more than six months.  White House press secretary Jay Carney excuses the president by saying he has “a lot on his plate.”  Indeed.  Since the last jobs council meeting, he has attended 111 campaign fundraisers and enjoyed 10 golf outings.  At the last jobs council meeting, Mr. Obama said, “This has not been a show council.  This has been a work council.”  But as it happens, context proves otherwise.

Back to the “The private sector is doing fine” statement.  With unemployment being way too high and American’s struggling, Obama has found plenty of time for fundraising and golfing but none for his jobs council.   This makes me think Obama really does feel the private sector is doing fine and there is no need for his jobs council to do anything.   I mean, why else would they have stopped meeting during a time when unemployment is way too high and American’s are struggling?

Again, statements he really believes or just out of touch with reality?  Hmmmmmm. . . . . . . . . .

And his jobs council isn’t the only thing he hasn’t had time to be bothered with for quite a while.  You know how the economy is in awful shape?  Apparently daily briefings on this subject stopped over a year ago.

The president has called the economy his “overriding focus” and No. 1 priority. It’s surprising, then, that he has not received a presidential briefing on the economy in well over a year. The last time “Economic Daily Briefing” appeared on his official White House schedule was April 26, 2011.

Maybe Obama is briefed on the economy in other ways, like how much money his rich Hollywood friends can give to him in one campaign fundraising stop.  (note – five fundraisers in the last year were charging the $35,800 maximum donation per ticket)

“The private sector is doing fine.”  If you work in the Hollywood private sector as a highly paid actor/actress, it sure is.

Definitely check out the rest of Reince’s article as it is well worth the read.  Then when you are done, you can think about it:  Is Obama simply saying what he really believes or if he is just out of touch with reality?

By the way, I say it’s both.  He really does believe in what he says, especially when there is no script for him to follow, and he is out of touch with reality.

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