Dec 272010

obama-smileSheryl Gay Stolberg and the New York Times kneel down and polish Obama’s shoes with this article (via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette) – A Firmly Drawn Presidential Line Between Work and Play

Mr. Obama’s disappearance behind the palm trees reveals much about his presidential style, and also his thinking about how to balance work and play. He tends to separate the two, as much as any president can. Other presidents, especially those who owned secluded homes or vacation retreats, often mixed them, using their homes outside Washington as tools of the presidency — another means of advancing their goals and agendas.

Now personally I really don’t care where Obama goes on vacation or his leaving work behind as much as possible knowing he can be reached on a moments notice.  If Obama wants to “disappear” behind palm trees in an effort to “balance work and play”, fine.

But I do find it quite laughable when the media spins a story saying Obama is a president who does not cherish the spotlight and his vacations are a prime example of this:

Robert Dallek tries to make a case for BHO’s lack of taste for the spotlight:

“I think it speaks volumes about the man’s temperament,” said Robert Dallek, the presidential historian. “He doesn’t crave the spotlight the way some of these other presidents have. They needed to be constantly in the eye of the public; it propelled them into politics in the first place. Obama is less that way; he is more of a self-contained person, someone who can genuinely spend time by himself with his family.”

And Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin’s site counters Dallek and Stolberg quite well:

President Obama doesn’t crave the spotlight — as anybody who has ever watched the Daily Show, The View, Monday Night Football, Iron Chefs,Rachel Ray, Mythbusters, Oprah, Letterman, Leno, Conan O’Brien, countless network news programs, George Lopez, the Teen Choice Awards, the Superbowl, the Final Four and others can confirm. As a matter of fact, Obama was given the title of “The Everywhere President”specifically due to his wont of avoiding the spotlight.

Lets face it, Obama has been a camera darling and it looks like he loves every second of it.  He openly accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing (which plastered his face around the world), he appears regularly in front of the camera on fluff shows with people that will look at him with eyes of adornment, and every vacation he and his family go on (whether together or apart) is covered extensively by the media with absolutely no resistance from the Obama’s.

If the main stream media and White House want to say Barry doesn’t crave the spotlight, that’s their choice.  But they may want to turn off his spotlight and ask Obama to step away from the camera first.

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