May 302016

So, any chance we had at getting a candidate that had the Constitution and freedom at the core of his or her campaign died with the Libertarian Party over the weekend.

Instead of nominating a freedom minded candidate, the LP instead went for a guy who thinks it is ok for the government to force a Jewish baker to make a Nazi cake.

As near as I can tell, nominee Johnson’s only Libertarian leaning is that he likes to do drugs. So, the party determined that the best shot they have at winning the presidential election is a pot smoking big government guy. Riiiight.

Of course, a lot of people – myself included – say that the Libertarian Party has an image problem. Instead of putting forth liberty minded principles that would necessarily include decriminalization of drugs, the party has an image of being the “weed party.” Basically, no one in the party has made much of an effort to get the liberty message out – just the drug message.

Don’t think the party has an image problem? Take a look at this guy at the Libertarian convention from the weekend. This guy was supposedly running for the party chair. In his address to the attendees, he started playing bad music and stripping…right on C-SPAN.

So, congratulations to the Libertarian Party. Not only have you sunk America’s last hope for the next presidential campaign, you also alienated everyone who may have defected to your party from the GOP.

When you #FAIL, make sure you #FAIL BIG!

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  1. I can’t believe that douchebag Johnson threw away the gun that was given to him as a gift from Peterson. Shows (1) he is an asshat and (2) doesn’t like firearms. Neither of which are qualities I want as a president. Too bad there isn’t anyone good being put up by the Republicans or Democrats either.

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