May 232016


So, I was reading a new article over at Fox (a news source that has less and less credibility with me) about Iraqi soldiers trying to retake Fallujah from Isis.

Quick geography lesson: Fallujah is smack dab in the center of Iraq, and next door neighbors to Baghdad, the country’s capital city and location of our $750 BILLION embassy. (Yeah – 3/4 of a TRILLION dollars.)

So the Iraqi military we left in charge failed to defend their own borders and have let the death cult Isis take over half of the country. Of course, as the Iraqi army folded like a cheap lawn chair, they left behind all sorts of military equipment – you know: munitions, trucks, tanks and the like. A lot of that stuff WE gave them. So the death cult is operating with US equipment now. (Yes, I know I’m leaving out all of the stuff BHO sent over directly to these fanatics.)

Fallujah is also the place where many of our troops from the 3rd ID, 3rd Cav, 82nd Airborne, 10th Mountain, USMC and other outfits fought and shed blood to root out those terrorist jackwagons to begin with. Most Americans will probably only know Fallujah from the photos of the Blackwater contractors who were ambushed, killed and hung from a bridge there.

So, we go in and lose a lot of good men taking that city and battling insurgents. Who knows what the cost in material might have been. Then we hand it over to the Iraqis (who we equip and train) and they promptly lose it to a death cult with little training and fewer numbers.

Can someone explain to me why we put our people in harms way, buried some of those brave service men and expended our treasure for that dusty, backward nothing of a city (and country) just to give it away to people worse than were there before?

Meanwhile back home, the modern hippy generation sits around the various college campuses, trimming their beards, drinking their designer coffee and discuss how to take money from the hard working people in this country to make things “fair” for others.

It’s enough to drive someone insane.

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  1. The whole area is a cesspool of violence. It is very bad that we ever sent our men and women into the region, but we better not send any more.

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