Sep 062012

You know the God and Jerusalem vote the lefties took last night at their little convention thingie? This would be the one where they had to use a bit of voter fraud in order to force amendments so they could claim they acknowledge God and the fact Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel during their pow wow.  Supposedly the Dem’s change in attitude toward God and the capitol of Israel came about because of Obama’s personal views on both and his intervention to get the amendments passed.

I would believe these are Obama’s personal views except that 1) the only real association I’ve seen between Obama and God is when Obama’s preacher of choice for years said God’s name with the word “damn” and then followed it up by saying “America,” and 2) Obama has shown more love to Iran than Israel, even stating early on that he would love to sit down with the country that openly admits they are hell-bent on blowing the Jewish nation off the face of the earth.

Of course, Axelrod and Jarrett are out there trying to spin this whole mess of a situation, going so far as to claim the One didn’t even know God was not welcome at his own convention.

Problem with this lie, err, claim is this:

Things got so bad that President Barack Obama was forced to personally intervene, ordering language mentioning God and naming Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel be added.

Obama had seen the language prior to the convention, a campaign source said, but did not seek to change it until after Republicans jumped on the omissions of God and Jerusalem late Wednesday. And even then, it had to be forced through a convention hall full of delegates who nearly shouted down the change.

This is yet another major screw up made by the Democrats, and when I say screw up I’m not talking about a mix-up of some sorts but rather the Dems in power showing exactly who they really are and what they really believe.  Of course they don’t want God mentioned at their convention.  One of their highlighted subjects is abortion.  And why would they want to acknowledge Israel when such an act would piss off Israel’s enemies?

Why don’t these people on the left  just admit that they don’t care about God being in their life and be done with it.  I can’t imagine God really cares to be associated with the Democrats right now anyway.  And if they say they want someone to worship and save them on the day of reckoning, they can turn to their current savior in Obama.

By the way, if you missed the joke of a vote, here it is. Think of this the next time you go to church or say a prayer.

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