Dec 192010

There is a good reason I am an independent conservative and not a Republican.  Most Republican politicians are spineless wastes who obviously live by the motto ‘Politics as Usual’.

The horse-and-pony show Washington put on over the last couple of weeks was nothing short of an absolute joke.  Republicans were insistent the Bush tax cuts needed to be extended with no modifications, something they got.  But what did they give up in exchange?  More than Obama and the left, that’s for sure.

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Dec 222009

John Bolton wrote a great piece called “Dick Cheney:  Human Events’ Conservative of the Year”.

Personally, I really like Dick Cheney.  Always have and always will.  He is a straight shooter, something you rarely see in politics.  He is bluntly honest, yet does not offend.  I don’t remember him saying anything derogatory about anyone.  He is extremely intelligent, way more so than the current men in office.  And he truly cares about America.

And he is feared by those who oppose him.  Not because he is a mean or vindictive person, but rather because of everything I have listed above.

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