Jun 032016

dump trump

The lack of civility in the political process is disheartening to say the least. While Trump would appear to be the poster child for schoolyard bullying tactics, Sanders supporters have been equally vile – and sometimes violent – toward Trump supporters.

And let’s not forget Clinton. She has lied about everything, claiming that those that disagree with her are the real problem.

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May 302016

So, any chance we had at getting a candidate that had the Constitution and freedom at the core of his or her campaign died with the Libertarian Party over the weekend.

Instead of nominating a freedom minded candidate, the LP instead went for a guy who thinks it is ok for the government to force a Jewish baker to make a Nazi cake.

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May 232016

Trump Election

So here we are, hip deep in the 2016 presidential campaign season. The two main candidates are probably the weakest candidates ever fielded by either party. Both are New York 1%-ers that most people in the country can’t really relate to.

Clinton Presidential Campaign

Granted – Clinton has a lot of baggage while Trump is more or less a clean slate, but both candidates have astronomical negative polling. Seriously, it almost looks like a race to the bottom.

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Sep 062012

You know the God and Jerusalem vote the lefties took last night at their little convention thingie? This would be the one where they had to use a bit of voter fraud in order to force amendments so they could claim they acknowledge God and the fact Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel during their pow wow.  Supposedly the Dem’s change in attitude toward God and the capitol of Israel came about because of Obama’s personal views on both and his intervention to get the amendments passed.

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Aug 122012

Ya know what’s great about a presidential election that includes an incumbent?  We all get to take a stroll down memory lane and see if the incumbent’s big campaign promises from four years ago were upheld or of if they ended up being nothing but a bunch of crap.

With that said, let take a look at five big promises made by The One in 2008 (via Fox News).

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