May 232016

Trump Election

So here we are, hip deep in the 2016 presidential campaign season. The two main candidates are probably the weakest candidates ever fielded by either party. Both are New York 1%-ers that most people in the country can’t really relate to.

Clinton Presidential Campaign

Granted – Clinton has a lot of baggage while Trump is more or less a clean slate, but both candidates have astronomical negative polling. Seriously, it almost looks like a race to the bottom.

Sure, I’ll hold my nose and vote for Trump, but was he really the best we can do? This guy makes all kinds of wild accusations (does anyone really think Ted Cruz’s father killed JFK?) and, so far, it is largely ignored.

I has hoping that Rand Paul would do better this year, but he was out after getting an electoral beat down in Iowa. So much for that…

I’ve watched with morbid fascination at how the Bernie Sanders campaign has advanced. Here is an avowed socialist who is playing to the welfare crowd. Mind you, the largest portion of the welfare crowd isn’t who you might normally thing, but instead it is the 18-25 year olds who sit around accruing student loan debt and then expect someone else to pay it off for them.

You know in the old days, only property owners were allowed to vote. The idea is that they had some skin in the game and were least likely to vote for stupid or corrupt people. Society has changed, and there are a lot of people renting today. So, I don’t know if property ownership is necessarily the gold standard for identifying a rational voter.

What might be a good standard…?

I was thinking that small business owners are probably the best suited for making decisions about the country’s future. After all, it is the small business owner that drives the economy. Plus the small business owner knows the importance of balancing a budget, paying your staff and how expensive taxes really are.

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  1. So true. Why couldn’t we have done better in the GOP than Mr. Hair? This dbag is a Clinton campaign donor. I don’t care if it was “in the past”. He was certainly old enough to know they were corrupt when he donated. Hell, I knew it, you knew it – why didn’t he? Totally unqualified, yet he is what we are left with. McCain all over again.

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