Dec 222009

John Bolton wrote a great piece called “Dick Cheney:  Human Events’ Conservative of the Year”.

Personally, I really like Dick Cheney.  Always have and always will.  He is a straight shooter, something you rarely see in politics.  He is bluntly honest, yet does not offend.  I don’t remember him saying anything derogatory about anyone.  He is extremely intelligent, way more so than the current men in office.  And he truly cares about America.

And he is feared by those who oppose him.  Not because he is a mean or vindictive person, but rather because of everything I have listed above.

During the 2004 elections, Cheney and Edwards had one of their debates.  During the debate, Edwards tried to use the fact that Cheney’s daughter is a lesbian as a way to get under Cheney’s skin.  It was obvious that Edwards had rehearsed what he was going to say and was absolutely gleeful when the opportunity finally came.  But what Edwards didn’t expect was Cheney’s response.  When the opportunity came for Edwards to try and get under Cheney’s skin by delivering a ridiculously cheap shot thinly disguised as a compliment, Cheney simply said “Thank You”, making Edwards into the fool and showing Cheney is the bigger man.

When the Twin Towers were hit and came crashing down, it was Cheney behind the scenes, making sure our government was preparing for anything and everything in the first crucial minutes while Bush was in transport to Air Force One from a public appearance.  When it came to protecting America after 9/11, it was Cheney who helped Bush keep the country safe from further attacks for the remaining years he and Bush were in office when nobody in the world thought it would be possible.

Dick Cheney is an incredible man and a great American.  And this is why he is deserving of the award of “Conservative of the Year”.

As a side note, you know this is going to put the left into a furry.  Feel free to read up on their take of Cheney, and pay close attention to the details.  There should be some rather humorous factual twists that can only be concocted by the MSM.

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