Jun 032016

dump trump

The lack of civility in the political process is disheartening to say the least. While Trump would appear to be the poster child for schoolyard bullying tactics, Sanders supporters have been equally vile – and sometimes violent – toward Trump supporters.

And let’s not forget Clinton. She has lied about everything, claiming that those that disagree with her are the real problem.

The Libertarians are not innocent in this foolishness either. Nominee Johnson insulted a former opponent by accepting a gun from him as a gift, and then throwing it in the trash.

Everyone is angry at everyone else, and I am very afraid of where all of this will take us.

Recently, I had a relatively famous (in his industry) media personality threaten to destroy my business because I dared to question the Second Amendment credentials of Trump. Really? Is that how you expect to convince me to vote for your man – by threatening me, and, by extension, the well being of my family?

Guess what – that behavior moved me firmly into the #neverTrump camp. Congratulations.

So, here we are – a country pissed off at itself, in a world where everyone is pissed off at us too. Does anyone think this thing ends up OK?

The more things spin out of control, the less likely I am to wander out of the house. Well, that may be a bit of hyperbole, but seriously – who wants to deal with the crap going on right now? By merely expressing your opinion, people who you thought were friends, will swear a pledge to crush you. Hey, I get that already from those in the Democrat party – I don’t need it from people who claim to espouse a liberty viewpoint as well.

So…it will come down to Trump or Clinton. Trump will win that match up because Clinton is so obviously corrupt. That leaves us with a President Trump who has no particular allegiance to the Constitution or the concepts of free speech and property rights. FML.

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